What is YAFBPS network?

YAFBPS (Yet Another Freakin’ Blog Posting Service) is a network of high PR blogs used to game Google’s rankings. The network consists of 600 PR1-PR6 blogs hosted over 300 different IPs.

What are features of the network?

We have different platforms – WordPress, Nucleus CMS, Chyrp. Most of the blogs are based on WordPress. Here are a few features:

  • Different themes
  • Different IPs
  • Different locations (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc …)
  • PR1-PR6 blogs
  • All blogs are being backlinked on weekly basis
  • No reports for security (links can be tracked via ahrefs or majestic)

These are a few features of the network.

What is the content like?

We scrape articles using software and then we spin them to make them unique to pass copyscape. Articles are not readable, specificly designed for search engines.

We are not able to add images yet, however, we can include Youtube videos.

The articles will stay on homepage for around 48-72 hours and then roll off, however, posts will be permanent and they will never be deleted.

How much does it cost?

There are several packages to choose from:

Regular package: 300 blog posts – dripped over 4, 10, 15 or 30 days – $14


Super Mini Ninja: 900 blog posts – dripped over 4 or 30 days – $27


We also have massive bulk discounts:

50 regular packages – $497

100 regular packages – $897

200 regular packages – $1,597


Our bulk packages work in a very simple and convenient way. Most of the clients use on pre-purchase basis – they pay for 100 packages and then use them over a period of time. We keep track of how many packages each client has and we can keep you updated upon request. Use packages as you need them. When you buy in bulk, you do not have to provide all the details right a way. You can take whatever time you need. Some clients buy 100 packages and use them within 6 months.

Does this service work?

Absolutely! Don’t take our word for it though, click here for testimonials or here for results.

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